Lawn and Landscaping is More Valuable than You Think

Posted on Broward County April 12, 2017 by pinkandgreen

lawn valuePossessing a lush green landscape is always a matter of pride for property owners. The very sight of the luscious landscape uplifts people’s mood as well as makes your property stand out among the rest. However, these are not the only reason you should keep a well-maintained landscape. It has a much deeper impact on your life then you would expect. Beautiful professional landscaping gives a soothing effect on one’s mood, healing effects on their bodies and provides lots of fresh air. As if these reasons are not enough, here is a more complete list of reasons why you should pay attention to this crucial part of your property.

Contribution to Environment

  • Turf as well as – trees and plants take-in carbon-dioxide from the air and convert it into their energy. In return this greenery gives back oxygen to the environment.
  • They prevent soil erosion to a great extent by taking a hold on it through the roots. They help the rain water penetrate deep into the soil which prevents the mushy feeling while you walk on your lawn.
  • Lawn and landscaping also have the capability to attract dust and debris in a large capacity which helps reduce the amount of pollution in the surrounding air.
  • They absorb the sun’s radiation and in turn keeps the area cooler for longer periods of time. It is a blessing in scorching summers.

Mental Health Benefits

  • In several studies it has been found that the mere sight of greens can have a huge positive impact on one’s mental health. In the rehabilitation process, many times patients are asked to walk or gaze around luscious lawns and landscapes. Studies show that patients who do have the chances of recovering faster than those who don’t.
  • Lush greens have soothing effects on our minds. Next time when you feel anxious or agitated for any reason just go outside for a break. Your mind will feel fresh and rejuvenated and you will regain the capacity to think positively.

Aesthetic Appeal

  • A beautiful looking spotted with flowers and plants offers a great view for customers, staff as well as passer-by’s. It can lift the drab look of any area and make it more enticing to visitors.
  • Last but not the least; a great looking lawn adds loads of curb appeal to your property which increases the value of the commercial property drastically. Buyers, real estate agents all appreciate the presence of a well-kept landscape and give it due respect.

These reasons clearly show that maintaining your lawn carefully is very advantageous to your business, your family, neighborhood as well as the environment. It is an effort worth making as the return is much more than one would typically anticipate.


Keeping the lawn properly maintained requires effort and money. This sometimes keeps people from giving it the attention it needs. Once you realize the value and significance of this important piece of greenery it is hard to ignore.