Who is Partnering with Pink and Green?

If you are a business who is in the need of professional reliable lawn care or landscaping services, look no further. Pink and Green is the perfect fit. We have been partnering with the following professional since 2009.

palm tree
General Contractor

General Contractor's - GC's

Typically, the final stage of any construction project is wrapping things up with complimentary landscaping. This step doesn’t only require an experienced company but a “well-equipped” landscaping company.

Landscape Architect

Landscape Architects

We have a fully trained installation team. We are also distributors of plants, mulch and rock. This unique structure gives us more control over the process of implementing your designs.


Homeowners Associations - HOA's

Typically maintaining a properties lawn and landscape is on the list of priories for a HOA.  A well-maintained property says a lot about the values of the people who live or work on a property.

Property Manager

Property Managers

First impressions are everything. Impressions – true or false have the power to drastically improve or reduce sales, morale, operating costs, and occupancy rates.