Landscape Architects Partnerships

Partnering with a Landscaping Company
Pink and Green is mindful of the creative process a goes through when developing a design. The blending of man-made structures with nature isn’t an easy endeavor. Our goal is to bring your designs to reality. Our office staff will work closely with you to make sure our team in the field gets the job right on time and within budget.

We are the right company for you to partner with whether you are starting a landscaping project from scratch, overhauling an existing property or you are simply in need of some landscape supplies. Pink and Green is your one-stop solution to getting things done.  Besides having a fully trained installation team we are also distributors of plants, mulch and rock. This unique structure gives us more control over the process of implementing your designs – the landscape architect.

How do we do this?
We own a 7.5-acre plant nursery fully loaded with over 150 varieties of ornaments plants, trees and shrubs. We also stock many types of mulch, rock and soil.   This gives us an edge and allows us to easily locate any supplies necessary to suit your taste and design preferences.

We can stay focused on customer satisfaction because we don’t’ have to run around for supplies and materials. The diversity of products we have at our fingertips free us up to concentrate on perfecting our craft of landscape installation.

Partner with us today and put an end to your search. Let us help you bring your landscape architectural designs to life.