Our lawn and garden pest control service specialists are state certified operators and fully equipped to handle most lawn and garden pest infestations in your yard. From the moment you call us, you can expect professional and prompt service. We always show up on time and we treat each property we visit with respect. We help the residents of the Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas keep their lawn pests under control. Garden pest control coupled with our organic lawn fertilizing service will have your yard looking beautiful all year around.

Pink and Green Lawn Care and Landscape offers lawn care service programs to keep your property healthy, green and free of turf-destroying pests, as well as ticks and fleas. Our programs include year-round service to ensure that your lawn receives the vital nutrients that it needs to stay green and healthy all year around.

Lawn or Garden Pest Control Treatment: Weeds Control, Insect Control and Fungus Control

Palm, Tree and Shrub Treatment: Insect Control, Fungus Control and Disease Control

Grub Control

Grubs are the larvae of beetles that make their nest on the bed of the subsurface of your lawn. These are c-shaped creatures and feed on the roots of trees and grasses thus making them weak and susceptible to diseases. The easiest way to spot if you have a grub problem is to scrape or peel back a small part of the top layer of lawn and check. Dead or brown irregular patches are also indicators of grubs. If you think you may have a grub infestation call us right away so our grub control specialist can verify and begin to rid your lawn these pests.

  • These C-shaped worm or larvae of beetles can ruin your lawn or garden
  • Found in the top-layer of soil under your grass
  • Can be spotted if your lawn has small brown patches that don’t turn green in the spring like the rest of the lawn

Fungus Control and Disease Control Services:

  • Our treatment eliminates a wide variety of Fungus and Diseases.

Whitefly Specialists

  • White Fly can ruin your hedges and therefore your privacy
  • Ficus Fig Whitefly
  • Rugose Spiraling Whitefly

Other Lawn Care and Landscape Services We Provide: