Spring Lawn Care Checklist for a Thriving Green Season

Posted on Broward County April 14, 2017 by pinkandgreen

spring lawn careLandscaped properties flourish in the spring time. The winter season typically brings chilly weather, even here in Broward County and less rain. This combination provides less opportunity to our green friends to prosper. Plants, trees and shrubs like people wait for the pleasant spring season to have a good time.

In order to maximize the growth of plants and allow them to prosper it’s a good idea give them a little more attention this time of year. If we take good care of our lawns and plants at the start of spring then there is a better possibility they will grow and bloom unhindered throughout the year. There are few aspects that need to be kept in mind when planning for landscape maintenance for the spring season. Here is a quick list of all those things-

Take Professional Landscaping Advice

There are often certain things that we tend to overlook about our gardens and lawns which a professional landscaper or lawn care expert can easily spot. Getting your lawn, especially the soil checked by a lawn expert can be of go a long way in maintaining a healthy yard. Landscaping professionals can advise you on what suits best for your lawn and help you to make the right choice.

Remove the Debris of the Winter Season

The winter breeze and lack of attention can leave a lot of residue on your lawn, like fallen leaves, twigs and loads of debris. Cleaning them up as early as possible is a great idea to start the new season. This debris often invite pests and can create unfavorable conditions for new growth of grass and ground cover.

Inventory on Your Lawn Equipment and Garden Tools

The inspection of your lawn equipment and garden tools needs to be checked at the beginning spring. The mower blade should be sharpened once a year and this is typically the best time for that. Properly functioning lawn care tools makes all your tasks easier and your efforts more efficient throughout the year.

Stunt the Growth of Weeds

Unfortunately, along with the growth of the things we want – plants, trees and shrubs, the weeds on your property also grow more during the spring. It is very important to use proper weed control to prevent weeds from flourishing at the very beginning of spring. This will help your lawn to stay healthier and receive proper nutrients without any obstacles.


As spring is the season when new grasses appear they require ample nourishment. Feeding your lawn with the right fertilizer can help it prosper in the coming season. Here is a word of advice, be mindful of the fertilizer you use and how much is used. As, these factors will determine the growth of your lawn.


If unsure of anything, don’t hesitate to take professional help your local landscaping company. Spring is a crucial season for the landscaping, lawns and garden as this is the time when they start to re-bloom and thrive. So, taking preventive measures and extra care at this time can yield results in the coming seasons.

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