6 Things a Property Manager Should Look For In a Commercial Lawn Care Company

Posted on Broward County March 30, 2017 by pinkandgreen

commercial lawn service companiesLawn maintenance companies can be an asset to for property managers with large properties. They offer a variety of lawn services that help property managers keep their common area healthy. Nowadays, the market is flooded with commercial lawn care companies and zeroing in on one can sometimes a difficult task.

Here are a few pointers to aid a property manager on choosing a commercial lawn maintenance company.

Know Their Reputation

A good commercial lawn care company is likely to have a good reputation in the area. One of the easiest way to research a company’s reputation is via the internet. People share about their experiences and it is quite easy to learn a lot about a company through their online reviews. Though most of them are often very short still they offer a glimpse of what to expect. Also, property managers should ask their colleagues and counterparts which companies they prefer. This is usually to most effective way to get quality care from a referral.

Verify Licence and Insurance

It is a must for a commercial lawn care company to have proper licensure and insurance coverage. This indicates that the company is a trustworthy and committed to offering a good service. And in emergency situations, you don’t have to pay for any damage or won’t be held responsible for any loss. So, having proper licensure and insurance is very important for a worry-free lawn service.

Check the Affiliation

Look for commercial lawn care companies that are members of trade associations as that guarantee that they abide by the laws and rules of the industry. Such companies know that they need to offer quality service and are accountable to few associations members. Being under a trusted group also ensures that you are likely to get the value of the money you spent.

Try Their Customer Service

Great customer service often differentiates a good lawn service provider from an average one. A company that has a quality customer service indicates that they take their customers seriously. Before signing a contract with a lawn care company, you should call their customer service and get a feel for their company culture. You can also check their presence on social media. Social Media can be a easily and quickly place to check on a company’s values.

Consider Personal Recommendation

Sometimes as a property manager you may come across a commercial lawn company that is relatively new in the industry. The company looks promising but it’s hard to decide whether to go for them or not. In such cases ask for references from their personal references. A character reference is often a good barometer as to how a company may perform especially if the company small and family owned and operated. Also, if they are confidant of their good services they won’t hesitate to do so. It would certainly prove their credibility.
Spending community money on any service definitely calls for some precaution and lawn care services are one of them. Common areas especially the entrance are an important part of the property and can require a good amount of money to be maintained. So being careful about choosing the right commercial lawn company is absolutely justified.


Lawn care services are a meaty part of a property manager’s duties and always require some help from a commercial lawn care company. To choose the right lawn company for your property you must consider several factors and only after being completely satisfied you should decide on one.