Enhance Your Lawn with Beautiful Edging

Posted on Broward County February 21, 2017 by pinkandgreen

landscaping edgingEdging is a very easy and effective way of enhancing your garden or landscape. It acts like a frame that adds dimension to the flat surface. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, edging also serves a number of practical purposes like keeping the plants protected and the grass roots restricted to a limited area. Edging can be done in different ways. Some are permanent while others are temporary and can be changed as easily as needed.

Here are some options for edging your landscape:

Metal Border

Steel or aluminum strips are easily available edging materials for your landscape. They effectively separate the garden area from the lawn by being smoothly bent and curved and also stop the grass roots from spreading into the plant bed. They are available in different paints and prints which give a refined look to the edging.

Brick Wall

Making a small wall around a plant or all around flower bed with bricks is a permanent solution for edging. The brick wall stays intact for a long time and acts as a perfect barrier for the garden. There are many ways of arranging these bricks to give the edging a unique look. In fact, they can also be set freely for edging as that also serve the same purpose but requires less effort.

Paver Border

Paver border made of concrete or brick is a good option for edging. They look handsome and help to keep the grass out of the plant bed. There are varieties of designs to choose from in both concrete and brick pavers. These pavers are also very hardy and therefore last really long.

Old Tiles

Decorating the border of the garden with old tiles is a cost effective as well as a practical way of adding some beautiful elements to your yard. Old tiles can be easily purchased and placed circling along the plants making a border. This looks nice and also easy to implement.

Flowering Plants

Flowering plants or shrubbery is a very good choice for edging. They add lots of pretty elements to the lawn apart from making a beautiful border. The advantage of using these plants is that they can be divided and planted again and again. Some of these plants also blossom in their season altogether making a beautiful sight. But you have to be careful in choosing the plant as not every plant suits all climate. Also consider their growth as some may overwhelm the garden with their huge stature.


Edging around the garden is a very basic yet complicated task. It is a necessary step in keeping your flower bed plants protected as well as helping the whole garden look more put together. Edging serve both practical and aesthetic purpose. You can easily accomplish this task with the help of the above mentioned edging ideas. Choose whatever serves your purpose and get it done on your own if you have the time or feel free to call your local landscaping company.