Tips on Dealing with Slugs and Snails in your Landscape

Posted on Broward County February 14, 2017 by pinkandgreen

snail pestSlugs and snails are two harmful creatures that can take over your garden in no time. Both slugs and snails are slippery and slimy and make a very unattractive sight altogether. Moist, damp and wet areas are their favorite hiding and breeding space. They pose a major threat to the lush areas of your landscaped property and can destroy them quickly with their insatiable appetite.

There are several ways to deter them from entering your yard as well as destroying them.

Here is a list of some of the most effective and commonly used tricks and tips by local landscaping companies:


When it comes to controlling slugs and snails pallets are considered one of the most convenient and effective way. There are different types of pallets both organic and chemical. They help to deter the slugs and snails to a great extent. Sprinkling them around the plants especially delphiums which is their favorite, help to keep them away.

However, one needs to remember that these pallets can be harmful for garden friendly creatures like birds or pets or toddlers. So, one has to be very careful while positioning them. Places where they like to lay eggs like under the stone, rotting wood or slates are best places to keep these pallets.


Physical barriers like copper tape, egg shells or coarse beds like limestone, sawdust, sand, and gravel offer an effective as well as more eco-friendly solution to a slug and snail problem. The copper tape discharges static electricity that deters these pests from touching the plants. They are averse to sandy or coarse coverings and do not like to crawl on them hence stay away. Bordering the plants with these elements or pots with copper tape is a perfect way to prevent slugs and snails.

Beer Can Traps

Another effective and easy way is to place beer cans near the plants that are under the threat. Slugs and snails get trapped inside these beer cans. This can has to be topped off regularly as well as refilled after being over-diluted by rain water.

Natural Deterrents

Sprinkling some solutions like vinegar, salt especially Epsom salt helps to prevent slugs and snails from destroying plants. Apart from killing the pests these ingredients help to add some nutrients into the soil.


Slugs and snails are two very common and dangerous pests that commercial landscaping companies have to deal with. They have the capacity to destroy the whole garden over time. The good news is there are several easy yet effective ways to get rid of these pests from your lush landscape and keep it protected. All you need is some time to implement these measures.