6 Ways for Home Owners Associations to Save On Landscaping

Posted on Broward County March 15, 2017 by pinkandgreen

Commercial landscaping common areasA home owner’s association helps to protect the property rights of the homeowners. The rules and regulations as well as operating method of an association can vary from place to place but in general their purpose is general the same. They are an integral part of any community. Among their many responsibilities is to handle the landscaping maintenance and beatification of the common areas.

Often, HOA fees can be rather high. There are some easy and effective ways to save on these obligations. One of them is to make some changes in the landscaping plan that would reduce the maintenance bill at the end of the year significantly as well as prevent any unnecessary expenses.

Have a Concrete Plan of Action

Having a concrete idea of what is needed to be done and at what intervals is crucial for planning a cost-effective landscaping plan. Property owners and board members should sit down together to chalk out a plan for the work needed. They should outline a schedule on how to go about implementing it.

Choose a Focal Point

When considering a change in the landscaping or doing it for the first time try to figure out the most prominent areas of your common area. Try to focus on these areas and think of the elements that could enhance the look. This increasing the curb appeal of the common area.

Go For Native Plants

Always remember to choose plants that are native or at least suitable for the local climate. This would reduce extra work, give you a lush looking landscape and cut expenses of lawn maintenance as they can easily adapt to your climate and sustain. These plants establish themselves easily reducing the time and energy needed to look after them.

Introduce Shrubs and Bushes

Shrubs and bushes with attractive foliage serve the purpose of keeping the common areas looking fresh and attractive while requiring less effort to maintain. Here, remember to choose slow growing varieties as that would require pruning only once in every growing season.

Plant Carefully

Planting the trees, shrubs and bushes at proper distance and as per their requirements of sunlight is very crucial in order to keep them growing. Otherwise they can pose as hazards or die prematurely due to lack of proper growing space. It is better to know the nature and growing features of the plants to make a better choice.

Choose Elements Wisely

Instead of going for expensive and high maintenance elements to beautify the common areas go for some inexpensive elements. Mulch and rock are some of the good choices as they require very less attention and can be done at a very affordable price.