3 Mistakes to Avoid When Landscaping a Commercial Property

Posted on Broward County May 3, 2017 by pinkandgreen

common landscaping mistakesWe all know that the main purpose of a commercial property is to attack or maintain business and increase revenue. The main area of focus for commercial landscape design should be none other than the main building(s) and its related features. However, there are various ways in which landscaping can add value to commercial properties and play a role in increasing foot traffic.

The main challenge of landscaping a commercial property is sometimes it can involve a lot of money, time and manpower. The absolute truth is that “the look” of a property is directly related to the hoe some businesses will prosper. Therefore, landscape design cannot be taken lightly. It is vital to keep an eye on landscape design details to ensure proper execution of the plan. Often commercial property owners commit some common mistakes that can negate efforts. Let’s have a look at those mistakes and the ways to avoid them completely.

Settling for a Static Look

Going for a fixed landscape plan that is the same all year round can sometimes gain a static look and feel. This is the number one mistake that most of the commercial property owners make. The result is low interest by the very people you are trying to attack; once they are exposed to it for a long period of time, it begins to lose its appeal. The best way to avoid this is by planting more annuals and perennials. Once they flourish the garden would look amazing and full of seasonal colors.

Not Making the Front Door Primary Focus

As the saying goes, first impression is the everything, and it certainly applies here. The front entrance is the first thing that the visitors notice when entering a commercial property. Ideally this should be the focal point of landscaping to engage the attention of the visitors. A poorly designed entrance area can leave a bad impression on the client. So always keep the front entrance well-maintained and professionally landscaped to maintain long-standing relationships with clients and potential customers.

Not Paying Attention to Basic Outdoor Amenities

A happy workplace is a productive workplace as it keeps the employees motivated. This happens when the needs of the employees are kept in mind. An outdoor space full of vibrant color and amenities goes a long way in keeping the staff relaxed and rejuvenated. Available seating arrangements on the sides of the garden or in an established area covered by shade is great for people to get fresh air and refresh the mind.  This increases productivity and keeps the boredom at bay. Overlooking such aspects is a grave mistake on the part of the commercial property owners.


Commercial properties should cater to the needs of various people who visit. A well-maintained premise leaves a great first and last impression people. A beautifully landscaped outdoor space can be an explanation point out top of good customer service or a great business transaction. Apart from adding a natural vibe to a concrete surface landscaping also ensures a positive impact on the visitors, clients and employees. This goes a long way in increasing the prospects of the business. Avoiding these common mistakes and incorporating the right elements is key to ensures this effect.