Landscaping Ideas for an Industrial Property

Posted on Broward County May 15, 2017 by pinkandgreen

industrial property lawn careIndustrial properties are buzzing with employees, equipment and people coming and going for various business purposes. Proper landscaping can enhance the look of a property as well as offer people visiting the property to relax in the break time.

There are many ways for landscaping an industrial property. Here we will discuss about the basic ideas that can fit in every property and budget.

Planning Is the Key

Before venturing into landscaping it is very important to have a proper plan. The plan can determine how to proceed and what is suitable for the property. Every property is different as it has its own advantages as well as downsides. So having a concrete plan in place can help achieve this goal. Investing time and setting a budget are the first steps of landscaping.

Choose a Theme

Every property is unique and will need a distinct landscaping theme that will complement its structures. Keeping the architectural designs of the property in mind and going for a landscaping theme that best suited for the property is an effective way to enhance the look of the landscape. Choosing colors and textures that match the design of the building can help create perfect symmetry.

Enhance the Entrance

The entrance point of any property often forms the first impression about the business and if it is off-the-mark it can ruin potential business partners first impressions. Making the entrance point the focus of the landscaping and giving it a neat and attractive look that will be enticing to visitors is a perfect way to make a lasting impression.

Keep a Focal Point

When planning to landscape it is a good idea to choose a focal point to give a dimension to the entire property. The focal point can be an annual tree or any element that attracts positive attention instantly. This would boost the curb appeal of the place.

Place Plants Safely

When choosing plants and installing them it is vital to keep the matured state of them in mind. If planted too close to each other or near the signboard it can obstruct ones view as well as create a clumsy look. Maintaining a distance from walkways is also necessary. Placing plants and shrubs accordingly keeps the landscape looking neat and practical for a longer time.

Maintenance Schedule

A landscaped area of any shape and size requires seasonal maintenance to keep the appeal of the property intact. How much time and money you are willing to pay for this will determine your choice of plants. If you have a tight budget then it is a good idea to go for low maintenance, local plants. Also avoid over planting as when all grown up they would require more time and efforts for maintenance.


Landscaping an industrial property poses some challenges as they are very different from residential places. These properties have a significant amount of daily traffic and are often short on time for elaborate maintenance. So the main idea is to plan a design and choose colorful, attractive plants that are easy to maintain as well as complementary to the designs of the architecture of the place. Having a practical approach to the landscaping is better in the long run for the industrial properties.