Mulch vs. Rock for Landscaping Ground Cover

Posted on Broward County December 1, 2016 by pinkandgreen

landscaping mulch and rockIncluding ground cover in your yard is a good idea to beautify as well as protect it from external factors. Ground cover helps to protect the plants and shrubs by creating a barrier between the soil and dry wind or rain. They can preserve the moisture in the soil resulting in less use of water. It is also a good way to keep the weeds out. This much needed ground cover can be divided in two categories, mulch and rock.

Mulch, as the name suggests, are made from trees by finely shredding them. Rock mulch is sourced from river beds or rocky areas. They both come in a variety of options, shapes and sizes to suit different purposes.

Mulch for Landscaping Companies

Bark mulch is generally made from trees like pine, hemlock, cedar, cypress, eucalyptus, oak etc. Each variety differs in characteristics, color, odor and benefits. They add a natural earthy look to the surrounding.

Positives of Mulch

  • First of all, it is very cheap, therefore an economical option when you are in a budget. It offers the option to decorate your garden without putting too much burden on your pocket.
  • It is easy to handle. They can be laid on the ground by hands or by using garden fork or shovel.
  • It helps to conserve moisture in the soil and protects the plants and their roots from direct sunlight.
  • It also acts as a weed barrier which is a huge plus.
  • It adds organic matter and nutrients to the soil as it decomposes making the soil more fertile.

Negatives of Mulch

  • As it is natural it comes with a limited lifespan. With time they decompose and therefore need to be replaced.
  • They lose their natural complexion in the areas exposed to the direct sunlight. It spoils the look of the garden.
  • They can be washed away in the areas prone to flood or heavy winds.

Rock for Landscaping Companies

Rock mulches are sourced from river beds or areas filled with gravels. There are different types of rock mulch like lava rock, river rock, granite, quartz etc. They vary in shapes, sizes and hues and add a very beautiful look to the areas used.

Positives of the Rock

  • They add a pleasing and attractive look to the place with their variety of colors, shapes and sizes.
  • They are permanent as they neither decompose nor wash away easily. Once installed they last for a long time. Hence, they are economical in the long run.
  • They make it easy to remove leaves and plant debris from the ground.

Negatives of the Rock

  • They are expensive and heavier than bark mulch. They are not easy to install and therefore require more labor.
  • They need a weed barrier underneath them as there are chances of weeds growing out of them. After this barrier is installed it is difficult to replace any plant in future.
  • They heat up on sunny days which have adverse effects on the plants.
  • They are not easy to replace as you may not find the exact rock in future. Using other rocks can ruin the look and aesthetic appeal of your area.

Use of Mulch and Rock for Landscaping Summary

Mulch or rock, both have their pros and cons for use by landscaping companies. Before choosing any of them just give a thought to your purpose, location, budget and manpower. According to the experts it is best to use the rock in your driveways and walkways. The garden area should be covered by the mulch as they are more suitable for that purpose. By this mix and match you can create an appealing and practical look for your yard and open areas.

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