Native Plant Landscaping vs. Exotic Plant Landscaping

Posted on Broward County November 28, 2016 by pinkandgreen

Native PlantsExotic pants are not particularly suitable for the climate here, hence, require extra care to flourish. They are not adaptable to the ecosystem here and therefore leave an adverse effect on the environment. Native plants are the best choice to plant in your properly landscaped yard. According the landscaping experts there are many benefits of choosing native plants over exotic ones.

  • Adaptable to the climate
    As per the definition, native plants are those which grow on their own in a particular region without any human help. So they are suitable to our South Florida sub-tropical environment and grow naturally without much pampering. The soil, climate and water here by nature perfect for native plants flourish.
  • In sync with the ecosystem
    Native plants provide a home to many native birds, animals and good insects. They all act together to as part of the ecosystem and help keep balance in the environment. Thus by going for the native species you are actually participating in preserving your environment.
  • Fight against the pollution
    Exotic plants usually require chemical as well as mechanical assistance to survive on a foreign soil. These chemicals including pesticides, insecticides that can do a lot of harm to the environment. These chemicals eventually seep into our ground water which is South Florida main source for drinking water.
  • Low maintenance
    One of the biggest pluses for choosing native plants is that they require very little maintenance. They are already prepared for the climate, soil and natural water supply here, hence, they know how to survive.
  • Penny wise
    With native species of plants you can save a lot of your money. First, you have to spend very little on their maintenance. You can manage them without much help as they do not need much pampering. You are familiar with their nature and growth pattern which particularly prevents you from making costly mistakes.

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