Miramar, FL Lawn Service
Not all Lawn and Landscaping Companies are the Same
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  • Simple Billing – We bill your credit card the first of every month. This makes it hassle free for everyone.
  • Customizable – Every property is different and we want to make sure it’s being done the way you prefer. Regarding any specific issue or request you may have, all you have to do is call the office and we will attach your request to the schedule. That schedule is given to the crew to read at each visit to make sure all of your requests are being completed.
  • Know when we are coming – We email you the dates in advance that we will be maintaining your property. We come like clockwork unless there is a weather delay then we will be there on the following day.
  • Customer Service Staff –  We always pick up the phone in the office during normal business hours. You can get a hold of us via phone or email.
  • Premier Service – You get what you pay for! The amount of money that you spend equals a certain amount of time on the property. Most lawn care providers are quick to give you good price but they won’t give you the time that’s needed to do a great job. We’ve been doing this for years, we have over 800 online reviews! We know based on the size of your property exactly how much time it takes to do it right. We simply bill accordingly!
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  • Low Maintenance – Our design installations are easy to maintain. Low maintenance means less time and money to keep the property in shape.
  • Colorful  We always use lots of color in our design installations. We own a 7.5 acre nursery and grow a large variety of vibrant species. What we know people like.
  • Hardy –  Our design installations are built to last. The heat in South Florida can be brutal. We install hardy plants and ground cover to withstand the weather year-round.