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Tree Trimming Service

Tree Trimming Service
Pink and Green Lawn Care and Landscape offers an array of services to keep properties in Broward County looking well maintained. When we started our company we strictly provided lawn mowing service. As we grew so did our ability to become a full service lawn care and landscaping company.

Tree Trimming: Broward County and Miami – Proper Trimming and Pruning of tree limbs on a regularly scheduled basis will improve tree strength and health, control growth, enhance fruiting, flowering and overall appearance, as well as storm and liability protection.

Improper Tree Trimming

Hat Racking or Topping is a type of pruning where most of the canopy is removed from a tree, leaving mostly branch stubs as seen in the picture below. Usually done in the false hope of improving safety, aesthetics, or to stimulate new growth, topping actually initiates decay in the trunk and main branches and attracts wood-boring insects. Never top a tree or allow anyone to top one of your trees. Topping is equivalent to butchering a tree. Competent arborists do not top trees. Topping is considered tree abuse and is a violation of Article Fourteen Broward County Code.

Excessive lifting is a common pruning practice where all the lower branches of the tree are removed to provide clearance for cars, structures, etc. Over lifting or “thinning” of trees is a poor pruning practice. This type of pruning causes trees to be top heavy, reduces trunk taper and increases the chances of branch failure. It also disfigures the natural form of the trees as seen in the picture on the left. Over lifting of trees is considered tree abuse and is a violation of Article Fourteen Broward County Code.