Mulching your property provides many benefits besides the obvious of being aesthetically pleasing. We at Pink and Green highly recommend mulching of residential and commercial properties.  The benefits are worth it and it looks great. Mulch comes in a variety of colors to match the look and feel of your property. Call Pink and Green to inquiry about our mulching services today.

Benefits of Mulch:

  • Weed Control – Mulch can be a huge deterrent to the growth of weeds. Mulch definitely reduces occurrence of weeds by limiting the amount of sunlight. In South Florida weeds seem to be a never ending battle. It is recommended to lay weed paper down before mulching to make it even harder for weed to sprout up.
  • Moisture Retention – Most mulches are made from trees and are therefore naturally organic. Soil thoroughly covered with mulch will retain more water by limiting evaporation. Plants benefits from the excess moisture and so will your water bill especially during the dry months.
  • Soil Erosion Prevention – Mulch also acts as a barrier from rain, foot traffic or other forces that displace much needed soil.  Mulch aids the soil
  • Maintain Soil Nutrients – Mulch breaks down of time that is why it needs to be replaced at least once a year.  When the mulch breaks down it releases organic nutrients back into the soil.  As the mulch decomposes the soil underneath soaks up the nutrients it needs to help plants grow.
  • Encourages Earthworm Habitation – Using organic material for mulching can encourage earthworms to occupy your yards soil.  And as my father always told me –  any good gardener will tell you, earthworms improve soil structure and the recycling of nutrients.