Top Ways to Protect Your Lawn from Disease

Posted on Broward County December 19, 2016 by pinkandgreen

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Nourish the Lawn Properly

Proper nourishment of the lawn is the key to having a healthy and disease-free yard. Both lack of nutrients or too much nutrients can be harmful for a lawns overall health. In both cases the lawn becomes susceptible to various diseases. The ideal way is to feed them at least twice a year. However, it may vary depending on the use of your lawn.

Water Smartly

Watering your lawn is very important in order to maintain its lush look. But this can be tricky as doing it at the right time with right amount of water is more important than just watering it. The early morning is the best time to water your lawn. This way it gets ample time to dry properly. If you water it at late afternoon then it is going to take more time to dry and in return increase the risk of leaf diseases.

Right Way of Mowing

Mowing your grass at the right height can keep many problems away. Too short a lawn is more prone to diseases as they are weaker than their taller counterparts. Mowing the lawn at 3 to 4 inches height is considered to be a safe option. A professional lawn care service is often recommended to assure the proper lawn mowing techniques are followed. But depending on the grass variety you can increase and decrease the height. Just keep one rule in mind, no grass should be cut more than one-third of its natural height.

Keep the Fungus Away

Fungus like dollar spot or brown patch is some of the common problems that affect most of the lawns. Using fungicide adequately is the solution to this problem. You can even spray them before they occur as a precaution. Make sure you choose the right variety for your area as well as use in proper measurement as per the directions. It is recommended that one hiresĀ a lawn pest control service to implement and safely handle the pesticides.

Aeration Needed Too

Aerating the soil allows water, nutrients and air to infiltrate deeper into the ground making the roots strong and well-equipped to fight any disease. Done at regular interval it allows your lawn to stay healthy and green.

A little precaution taken at the right time and proper maintenance can help you avoid lot of trouble later. So be mindful about your lawn condition and observe it on regular intervals so that you can take timely steps and keep your lawns looking plush all year round.

Changes in weather take a toll on your lawn and invite many perils such as plant diseases. A few preventive measures taken at the right time can reduce the chance of their occurrence as well as prevent them from spreading. The above mentioned points are essentials to maintain the good health of your lawns and hence, must be implemented.

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