Top 5 Tips for Conserving Water in Your Lawn

Posted on Broward County December 27, 2016 by pinkandgreen

Lawn HoseWater is the lifeline of any yard, be it small or large. Watering the lawns and plants on a regular basis is an essential part of having a healthy and vigorous landscape. Water is a very precious natural resource and also limited in supply. As there is no substitute of water on the earth we must do our bit to conserve this precious natural resource and prevent any sort of wastage. Here are few tips and tricks to ensure effective use of water in your yard:

Place Plants in Groups – Landscaping 101

Certain plants need more water whereas some need less. If you place these plants according to their water requirements then it would ease the process of watering as well as be more effective. Native plants are a good option to reduce water wastage as they survive on natural supply of water and eliminate the need of regular lawn watering.

Take Care of Landscape Grounds

Mulches and ground cover plants are a good way to save on water. These things help the plants and soil to retain moisture and thus require less water. They keep the area cool and also stop water from evaporating. Composting the soils is also an effective way to hold moisture for a longer period and keep the plants healthy without additional help. Aerating soils is also an option to prevent frequent watering as it helps the water to penetrate deeper and keep the roots nourished. A professional lawn care service can be hired to implement some of these water conservation ideas

Lawn Irrigation Process

Choosing an irrigation system wisely can ensure optimal use of the available water without waste. Installing an automated irrigation system that provides a measured and focused way of watering is a good choice. Drip irrigation is one of the most effective ways to save on water yet keep the lawn perfectly moist. The time of watering also plays a role. Early morning watering prevents evaporation. Also avoid watering during windy weather as it would lead to more water wastage. Also necessary to keep a check on the pipes and parts to make sure there is no leakage.

Xeriscaping Landscape Design

Choosing plants that are drought tolerant for your garden is called xeriscaping. This method can keep your landscape looking healthy even when there is no water. These are ideal for places which suffer from water scarcity and droughts frequently.

Recycle Water for Lawn Use

The places which receive ample rain offer the scope to use this water for gardening. There are various ways in which this rain water can be stored and used for watering the plants and lawns. Also water used in the kitchen for boiling, steaming or washing can be used in the landscaped lawn as they are often more nutrient rich.

These are some of the very easy yet very effective ways to conserve one of the most precious natural resource. All we need is a little planning and proper execution to take care of your yard as well as the precise use of water.

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