Lawn Watering Tips

Posted on Broward County December 28, 2016 by pinkandgreen

Lawn Watering TipsWatering your lawn is an essential part of maintaining a healthy one. To get the maximum benefits from watering there are certain techniques, which if applied, can reap great benefits in the long run.

Let’s get into those tips right away:

Know Your Lawn’s Soil

The first step of effective watering is, knowing the type of soil your lawn is growing in. Clay soil and sandy soil behave differently with regards to water absorption. Clay soil needs more water as it is slow in absorbing and also retains most of it for a long time. Whereas sandy soil requires less water and could not hold it for long. So depending on your soil type a proper watering schedule should be determined.

Lawn Irrigation System

Installing an irrigation system best suited for your lawn you have to consider the size and the shape of it. For example, hose-end sprinklers are a good choice for small to medium sized lawns. There are a slew of different kinds of irrigation systems available in the market for various size yards.  Many systems come with advanced timers and scheduling systems one can utilize to suit the needs of their lawn. A professional landscaping company can help you choose your sprinkler system depending on your needs.

Water Timely, Depth and Frequency

Early morning is the perfect time to water the lawn as it reduces the chance of water loss through evaporation and also leaves enough time for the lawn to dry. Wet grass is the breeding ground of fungus, so avoid watering late at night or before it is completely dry. Watering at the root level and less frequently is also very important as it helps the roots to grow deeper in search of water. Watering too frequently will lead to shallow roots and make the lawn weak and vulnerable to disease.

Measure Water

It is very important to find out if your lawn is getting adequate water in every part. To know that, place some empty containers in different areas of the lawn while watering. If all the containers have same amount of water then it is perfect and if not, then adjust the watering system accordingly. In general, 1 to 1.5 inches of water per week is considered perfect but it may vary depending on various factors like regional climate, weather, soil composition and so on. Whatever it is, make sure the amount of water used is appropriate.

Avoid Wastage when water the lawn

Water is one of the most essential and limited natural resource, hence, it is extremely important that it is not wasted. Make sure to stop the sprinklers in time or set an automatic timer to prevent any wastage. Reset the timer in every season depending on the natural water supply. The speed of the sprinkler should be taken in to consideration as too fast watering can lead to water runoff. Also place your irrigation system in proper direction to ensure that water doesn’t fall on the walkways or any other hard surfaces. This will help you to ensure that no water is being wasted.

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