Landscaping Design Ideas to add Strip Mall Curb Appeal

Posted on Broward County March 24, 2017 by pinkandgreen

strip mall curb appealBasically, a strip mall consists of a row of stores, parking lot and sidewalk. So, the scope of decorating it with extensive landscaping is very little. However, with a little bit of planning and some creative ideas you can definitely give it a face-lift and increase traffic significantly. Here is the guideline to go about this task.

Add Greens

Greenery always has a soothing effect on the mind – especially on those who are running from one store to another to get their chores done. People are naturally attracted to their “natural” surrounding as they look like an oasis among the endless steps of concrete.
Planting ornamental grasses along the walkways is a good idea to break the monotony. It adds a refreshing touch and is also very easy to maintain due to its drought tolerant nature. Another trick is to create variation in heights in the landscape to add more dimensions. Raised beds and terraces serve this purpose very well. Rocks, gravels and boulders of different sizes and shapes too can add a lot of curb appeal to the landscape. Water features are also good options if the place can accommodate it. Most importantly focus on the entrance as that would make a great first impression.

With Colours

Flower plants are best bet to attract potential customer’s eyes and increase traffic. Fully bloomed plants of different varieties add a dash of color that automatically balances the dull look of the concrete buildings. Some flower plants can be planted on the ground while some can be hung in planters. Both have different appeals and help to liven up your entrance in a great way. Fragrance of flowering plants adds an irresistible appeal to weary shoppers.

Relaxed Vibe

Shopping can often be a daunting task and make one feel tired and exhausted. In such a scenario they look for a place to sit and steal a few moments of peace and relaxation. This gives a clue to what should be next at your entrance.
Placing some chairs and tables at the entrance is certainly a good way to entice more shoppers. Here they can enjoy a quick bite after a tiring shopping session or just sit and relax for some time. Giving the sitting area a creative enhancement like bordering with rocks or placing it just beneath a tall tree are effective strategies. The benefit is even the passers-by can come sit for a bit and probably end up buying something. So adding some comfortable sitting places is a great way to attract shoppers.


Strip malls are one of the busiest yet can often be one of the least attractive places to visit. This can be easily changed with proper landscaping and the right choice of plants. Greens are something that everyone seems to love especially amidst the sea of concrete. Your strip mall can benefit in a big way from this simple yet effective element and go a long way to increasing traffic to your store.