How Landscaping Can Effect Your Brand

Posted on Broward County January 2, 2018 by pinkandgreen

Landscape Branding

Brand value of a company is based on several factors that effectively leave a mark on the clients. The quality of your products and services, the communication methods, eagerness to help the customers and so on play a major role in establishing your brand value. There is one more aspect that subtly but certainly impacts your brand value and that is the look of your property. The neatness, the design of your landscape and how everything is maintained form a first impression by  visitors and often play a deciding role. Therefore, it would be unwise to take it lightly.

There are many measures that can be taken to ensure that you have a landscape that is not only appealing to the eyes but also reflects your awareness about the environment and shows empathy to the natural elements. For this the first thing needs to be done is hiring the right landscaping company that understands your needs and provides a top notch service which would keep you ahead in the game.

Let’s have a look at the pointers that are particularly necessary:

  • Having a key element in the landscape design that stands out is a great way to make an impact on the visitors. This key element needs to be in tandem with your brand and have an immediate appeal to the eyes. This can become a landmark spot on your property and serve as your branding.
  • The signage is a vital part of the commercial landscape design and it certainly needs to be highlighted. It should be placed at the right spot so that it is easily visible. Surrounding it with flowers, shrubs or any other landscaping element certainly adds a dimension to it.
  • Watering the plants on a regular basis and in the correct method is of utmost importance to keep the garden looking fresh and lively. A well-kept landscape leaves a positive impression on your visitors.
  • Proper maintenance of the landscaped garden includes various tasks like keeping an eye on the overall health of the garden, keeping the weeds away, pruning and trimming of the plants and grasses, adding fertilizers and so on. All these ensure that your garden stays on the peak of its health all year round and make you appear a responsible brand.
  • One of the very important parts of maintaining a property is keeping it tidy and mess-free. Removing trash, debris and other unsightly objects from your campus keep it looking neat and well-maintained which leaves a lasting impression on your visitors. Also keeping tap on the decaying or unsafe spots on your campus and taking timely measures would make you come across as a responsible brand that one can trust.
  • Adding a special touch to your landscape can go a long way in ensuring loyalty of your clients. If your building is a a place of work then having a spot to relax for the employees is a thoughtful addition. In hospitals having a spot filled with calming and relaxing flowers that have a therapeutic effect on the mind can leave a very positive impact on the health of the patients. These small but thoughtful additions can make your brand appear more appealing than others and serve as perfect branding.

Branding is a tricky affair and using all the available resources to their optimum level is very crucial. The look of your commercial landscaping can be one of them through which you can convey quite a few important messages to your visitors and prospective clients. This element should be used wisely to create your brand value.