Landscape Maintenance – Caring for Your Lawn and Plants

Posted on Broward County January 26, 2017 by pinkandgreen

landscape maintenance tipsHaving a lawn surrounded with a lush green landscape and decorative plants is a dream of every residential home owner. Obtaining such a lawn can achieved very easily with so many professional landscaping companies out there. However, keeping them in that perfect looking lawn in top shape forever is can be tricky business. Unless you hire someone to keep up with landscape maintenance. Doing it yourself can be achieved however with tight daily schedules and loads of responsibilities it becomes difficult to take care of them properly. Lack of knowledge to deal with different plants also poses a threat to their well-being.
Here’s our quick list of making this landscape maintenance manageable.

Go For Natives Plants

Managing your yard’s plants efficiently begins with the right choice of species. Plants that are locally native to your location or at least adaptable to the soil and climate of your location are good choice to go with. These plants are almost independent and can flourish without much help from us humans. Truth be told, they do need some TLC but compared to exotic plants they are much less and in turn making your task easier.

Water Your Lawn Properly

This advice may sound very simple but it is a key factor in determining the health and growth of your plants. Some plants need more water, some need less. Also the timing and frequency of watering is crucial as well. Having knowledge of the nature of your plants beforehand can make taking care of them much easier. One tip here is, segregate your plants according to their nature which will ensure for landscape maintenance to be more efficient and therefore effective.

Nourishment and Sun Light

Just like water, soil nourishment and sunlight are very important for the growth of the plants. Make sure to use adequate amounts and correct types of fertilizer for your plants. Properly cared for soil is imperative as soil supplies the required nourishment and keeps plants in a healthy state. Sunlight affects various plants in different manners as some flourish under direct sunlight while other prefer partial light or shade. Planting your plants with this in-mind makes for their maintenance to be easy and efficient.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Getting rid of the damaged parts like, stems and leaves, at the early stage is key to any landscape beautiful. Damaged parts are susceptible to diseases and attract viruses and insects. Late winter is the perfect time for trimming and pruning the plants as by the time spring arrives the damage could spread deeper. Instead of waiting till the spring start at the end of winter and keep the diseases at bay and make your work less hectic.

Choose Right Pots

Placing the plants in appropriate pots with proper drainage is important for the unhindered growth of your plants. Before planting the trees consider the spread of the roots and stems to make the right choice. Even after planting if you notice the plant is getting too bigger for the pot don’t hesitate to re-pot it.


Landscape maintenance of the residential or commercial property is a daunting task and can drain your precious time, energy, and lots of money. With the above mentioned tips you can reduce the stress and ensure an easy way to handle any issues related to your coveted beautifully landscaped yard. Just make sure you keep a close eye on the plants and take simple steps that would reap huge benefits in the long run.