Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Commercial Property

Posted on Broward County January 12, 2017 by pinkandgreen

Commercial Lawn Care Services
We have all heard that first impressions are everything and this holds true for in the business place as well. An commercial property with a beautifully landscaped lawn is more likely to acquire more customers than a shabby building with zero curb appeal. Curb appeal definitely plays a role in people’s impression of your workplace and this in turn will help to improve your business goals. Hotels, restaurants, cafes and strip malls etc. can benefit by taking good care of their property. A well-kept place is more likely to attract more attention from prospective customers and influence customers to return.

You may be thinking to achieve good curb appeal requires redoing the exterior landscape all over again. This is not necessarily true, as you can work with your present landscaping and spruce it up by taking care of a few areas of importance.

Here is a quick list of things you must do to boost the curb appeal of your commercial property.

Lawn Maintenance and Mowing

The most important aspect of your property is the lawn area as it occupies the maximum space. Keeping your lawn properly mowed at the right height can go a long way in making a good impression. It is also important to keep an eye out for bug infestation and lawn diseases to avoid any dry, uneven patches which spoil the overall look of the lawn. So, proper lawn mowing is one of the key components of impressive curb appeal.

Commercial Landscaping

Just planting random plants in a haphazard manner will exactly not do much for your property. It’s important to chalk out a plan with guidance from a landscaping service professional for proper landscaping can do wonders for your commercial property as well as increase business prospecting. A nicely landscaped property fetches far more appreciation than just a plain looking ungroomed entrance. Adding a unique element to your landscaping such as a garden fountain is a great way to stand out. Remember that a business’ entrance the focal point whenever anyone passes through it a high opinion of you and your business can be formed instantly.

Tree Trimming

Some trees and plants that grow rapidly need regular trimming to stop them from turning into something unpleasant and a determent to visitors. Trimming can help to properly define the shape of the trees, bushes and shrubs prevent them from spreading out into walking areas. Both small and large plants need their branches and leaves trimmed systemically to keep them in sync with the landscape design of the commercial property. One of the purposes of trimming also is to keep the diseases away from the plants and remove all the dead leaves.

Lawn Fertilization

The foundation to having a good-looking property is keep its soil properly nourished. Fertilizers are essential to add nourishment to the soil and keep it full of necessary nutrients. The roots of the plants, shrubs, and grasses all derive their nutrients from this soil; hence keeping it well-nourished is top criteria to creating an impressive commercial property. Fertilization of a property can be a difficult task. Chemicals used during the process can easily burn and worse kill a lawn and its plants and trees. It’s often advised to hire a local lawn fertilization service to take worry off your plate. You should remember to use organic fertilizers as much as possible as chemical ones have various side effects on the environment.


Good curb appeal of a commercial property is a great a way to stir interest with potential customers. It is true that just curb appeal alone cannot help you to reach your goal but it would certainly keep you a step ahead of your competitors. To improve curb appeal all you need is a little planning and regular lawn maintenance. This much dedication will ensure you have an attractive commercial property premises which people would certainly take note of.

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